I caught up with Femi McCool, creator of Wag1 TV

I managed to catch up with the brain behind one of the biggest online series – Wag1 TV. Femi McCool tells us a bit about how it all started, what he’s doing now and where he plans to take it from here.

Femi McCoolHelen Success: Past interviews have taught me that ‘tell us a bit about yourself’ is a ‘vague question’ but I’m still going to ask you to tell us a bit about yourself.

Femi McCool: [Laughs] I’m a presenter, actor and the pioneer of one of the biggest online shows, called Wag1 TV, just to sum it up

Helen Success: Acting and presenting are your primary talents; tell us a little bit about these and how you started?

Femi McCool: I’ve always been acting for as long as I can remember, it’s like second nature. Presenting has been a more recent talent I didn’t know I had until I started my own show [Wag1 TV].

Helen Success: Are there any other talents locked away?

Femi McCool: [Laughs] yeah, I used to do music but I stopped because the whole presenting thing kind of picked up and I didn’t know how people would take to me doing music at the same time.

Helen Success: You did music? What kind of music? Can it be found anywhere?

Femi McCool: I used to do grime back in the day but who didn’t? Yeah you can [find the music] but I’m not saying where [laughs].

Helen Success: Let’s get onto your main feat to date. How did Wag1 TV come about?

Femi McCool: Well, at college I did a media course and we had to learn how to use the equipment. They asked us to go and record something and edit it for a showcase and I came up with that [Wag1 TV].

Helen Success: It’s certainly been a hit; would you say this is down to your somewhat unique interviewing technique?

Femi McCool: Yeah, I would say that’s one of the major factors. Also the way I market myself and my show plays a vital role. I’m so sure there’s a lot of people doing exactly the same thing now, obviously that’s how things go but I can’t really see them.

Helen Success: So you would say you’re crushing the competition right now?

Femi McCool: There isn’t any good competition to crush, otherwise you and me both would have heard of them [laughs].

Helen Success: What do you think it is that makes the interviewee crumble in front of the camera? Has there ever been anyone you haven’t been able to make a fool of?

Femi McCool: Wow! I’m not sure, I guess I’m just good at probing and being sarcastic [laughs]. When I first started and I would try to interview my friends and they knew what I was up to, so I don’t know if that counts?

Helen Success: Do you ever feel in the slightest bit guilty about essentially insulting people, live, for the world to see?

Femi McCool: Not everyone gets insulted, well by me anyway but the people who do are the people who have been exposed for lying [laughs].

Helen Success: I must say, the most infamous moments of series one had to be in episode 6 and episode 7. From exposing fathers, to the risks of people with no profile pictures on MSN. Surely these people have seen themselves on Wag1 TV, have you ever had any angry reactions from people you’ve interviewed?

Femi McCool: Never, I’ve had some fake stories e-mailed to me but no angry people.

Helen Success: Do you find it hard to edit the shows? How do you choose the content that goes in and what gets cut?

Femi McCool: Yeah, it’s hard picking who gets to be on the final cut because we get a lot of good interviews when we shoot but we always seem to make the right decisions in regards to what we put on [the final edit].

Helen Success: Wag1 TV has been a success and you’ve started series two now. Where do you plan to take it? Is it a long-term project?

Femi McCool: Wag1 TV itself is a long-term thing but there’s going to be a time when it will be very hard to interview the public but we’ve got some stuff planned, so we know what we’re doing.

Helen Success: You’re at university. What are you studying?

Femi McCool: Right now I’m studying Television Production.

Helen Success: Actor? Presenter? What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment to date and where do you see yourself in say, five years time?

Femi McCool: My biggest accomplishment has to be the presenting and creation of Wag1 TV as I haven’t done any acting in a while but I plan to start so, very soon. The show is a big thing in the UK and I’m happy it was my idea [laughs]. In 5 years I’ll definitely be doing some major mainstream presenting and acting.

Helen Success: Is there anyone in particular you really want to work with?

Femi McCool: I couldn’t really work with anyone but I’m feeling the comedy “Poets’ Corner” and “KG and Marston” are putting out at the moment.

Helen Success: How can everyone keep up with you and all your recent activity?

Femi McCool: Twitter is the best way at the moment @FemiMcCool

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