Love is an under rated, yet over rated illusion of emotion

Untied LoveLove? By the far the most under rated, yet over rated illusion of emotion that actually could be real.

The above is not a quote, it will be however, if you repeat it.  It’s my view of love. Sometimes love is under rated, sometimes it’s over rated. I believe the majority of the time it’s an illusion but just that once, it could be real. People have partners, people marry, they grow old together. It’s a nice thought knowing that someone will always be there for you or there to appreciate you but I’ve always wondered… is that permanent plus one in your life really necessary? I mean love takes on many forms. I have a family and friends that love me dearly. That is one kind of love that I do not believe is over rated. So why is this love not enough? Why is it necessary that you find ‘the one’ as ‘they’ say?

Sidebar: One day I will find out whom this infamous ‘they’ are. You know, the ‘they’ that for some reason are always saying things, that everyone seems to know about.

I’m not at all saying that I dismiss the opposite sex and am destined to be a spinster (although you may often hear me say that I’m considering the life of a spinster) but with people in your life that love you, what else is the absolute need of a partner but for reproduction. Even children can be attained by means other than the natural.

I’m not an expert on love, I’m not a cynic but neither am I fervent optimist. Truthfully, I probably fall into the category I mentioned earlier – The Illusion. I don’t deceive myself about ‘love’ but while it lasts, I revel in the illusion that I believe or more specifically, allow myself to believe, is love. Even though I may revel in this illusion, I keep it hand in hand with the expectation that it won’t last forever. This belief is what leads me to think why it is even necessary, why we don’t just save ourselves the hurt, the pain, the emotional investment and just ride life solo. We call our partners our ‘other half’ but I’m certainly not wrong in saying we’re well and truly whole without another.

When that ‘someone’ comes along, it can feel like they’re the part of the puzzle you’ve been missing your entire life. If that person disappears though, you’re guaranteed to lose a lot more pieces of the puzzle than you originally thought were missing. Is this necessary? Why do we essentially break up the puzzle of our hearts in the search to find that ONE missing piece? Surely we’d be better off just living life solo. Surely the love of our families should be enough. Surely we should live for ourselves and not define ourselves as a half because of a silly illusion called Love. Although, like I said that one time it could be real. That one time it could last forever. That one time what you allow yourself to believe to be love, might actually be that.

So is that permanent plus one necessary? I would say no. It’s not unheard of for people to die alone. However if that one time it’s a window and you can see clearly that it’s real, then so be it.

I guess what I’m trying to say, is that love is unpredictable and personally, I think it’s undefined which is why I think we could live without it and a permanent plus one. Though at the same time if I happened to come across that one time in which the illusion is real, I think I would fall into it backwards. I mean, love? Life can be lived without it but who said life can’t be great once you truly find it.


  1. Agree…agreee!
    Ps. U are alive then…hollered…no reply :(
    AND I’m slightly offended…I thort we had that ‘other half’ love…:( loool


  2. Wow I like this post a lot. You’re right about the getting caught up in the illusion of love, even when you’re aware of how over rated it is. The funny thing is although it is over-rated in some cases it is still powerful, enough to make you blind or make silly irrational decisions. Great stuff :D


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