Truth features in the UK Remix of Diddy – Dirty Money’s ‘Hello, Good Morning’

Truth (Musician)Well, I hate to tell you you’ve been living a lie but essentially, you have, if you don’t know about Truth. He’s not your average rapper; he’s also a producer, writer and co-founder of Blackout Entertainment (also known as BOE), which was established in late 2008. The London rap scene has seen changing faces but Truth brings a new, incredibly versatile and refreshing sound to the table.

From a young age Truth was very pro-active about his music career, a go-getter. After all success is not achieved unless you work for it. At 15 he taught himself how to play the guitar and creating his own music soon became his passion which he pursued at 16. Based in North London, Truth doesn’t just make his own music he also finds time to mentor young and aspiring artists. Doing what you do and helping others is a very admirable trait and that’s the truth – no pun intended.

Truth has released three mixtapes; aptly titled ‘True Stories’ comprising of volumes 1, 2 and 3. The progression in each mixtape is evident. His debut single ‘English Rudeboy’ showcases how versatile he can be in his deliverance. The unrelenting, infectious beat will catch your attention instantly as with the track ‘World Tour’. ‘True Stories. Vol. 1’ includes the track by Jamelia – ‘Supa Reel’ on which Truth featured. Once again we witness Truth doing what he does so well. He adapts his lyrical content and deliverance on a variety of tracks, expertly and always with outstanding results. Also the track ‘Good Morning Mr. President’ is one of his best tracks to date. It presents an amazingly mellow beat, making for very easy listening, incorporating true lyrics with deep meaning. With all his talents it’s only a matter of time before he goes mainstream and many will say why hasn’t he sooner? Truth is currently working on his debut album – ‘State Of Affairs’ and if his mixtapes are anything to go by, well then, it’s going to be a hit.

Blackout Entertainment was formed by Truth and producer H-Money and has been incredibly successful. Truth isn’t just been keeping things at home; he’s gone across the pond, Blackout Entertainment signed with Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins’ company ‘RJ Productions’ after receiving offers from numerous other major labels, globally. The partnership opened up the opportunity to expand in the US and the chance for Truth to work with and around artists such as Akon, Chris Brown, Leona Lewis and Lloyd.

Truth looks set to conquer when his debut album ‘State of Affairs’ is released. His achievements already, are extraordinary. The single ‘Hello, Good Morning’ by Diddy – Dirty Money has seen numerous remixes worldwide with one of the official UK remixes featuring Truth. Truth does very well on this track, executing his lyrics with confidence and in a way that will most definitely have you wanting to reload the track to catch those punch lines. Check out the video below, let me know your thoughts.

Like I said the first time around if you don’t know, soon enough you will be enlightened with the Truth. He’s set to go far and is accelerating at a remarkable pace.

Keep up with Truth and follow him on Twitter

Blackout Entertainment
Truth’s MySpace

Download ‘Hello, Good Morning’ remix featuring Truth
Download: ‘Hello, Good Morning’

Download all three volumes of ‘True Stories’
Download: True Stories. Vol. 1
Download: True Stories. Vol. 2
Download: True Stories. Vol. 3


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