This post is literally what it says on the tin

This post is literally what it says on the tin; a thank you to my most loyal readers, the inconsistent readers and the one-off readers. So if you’re in a committed relationship, having an affair or just a one night stand with my blog, thank you.

I started this blog not too long ago with the intention of getting in a little journalistic practice and building a portfolio while offering readers great, dynamic content. It took me a while to start because I couldn’t decide on a name and mainly because I was a little worried as to whether readers would actually be interested in my content. The support has been great and to everyone that has left a comment, thank you, it’s truly appreciated. To me it’s like a push further towards my dreams because you’re letting me know I’m on the right path.

I keep my content quite broad and there is no set concept, except go with the flow. So I’m sure there will be something on here for each of you. If you like it, tell a friend to tell a friend and another friend.

Thanks for the support.

Helen =]

Thank You


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