Rihanna definitely embodies the persona of a rockstar

The official video for ‘Rockstar 101’ has been released. Slash plays the guitar in this track but isn’t actually featured in the video. My thoughts on it are a little mixed but first, here’s the video. See what you think for yourselves.

I can’t quite say I know exactly what to make of the video. I love this song regardless. It certainly embodies the persona of a Rockstar but also a demon if I dare say. Most of us are aware of the speculation of Rihanna, Jay Z and some other artists being affiliated with ‘cults’.

The first thing that I thought was ‘wow, how much more demonic can this video get?’ We see Rihanna chained, writhing around with horns on her head and extremely demonic looking eyes. I’m not making a judgement but if the video doesn’t move a nerve in your body…wow!

I do wish the video was in colour though, so we could see Rihanna’s bright red hair that we saw in the preview or at least snippets to contrast with the black and white video.

Let’s end with the positives though, the part where she has guitar strings on her legs looks sick and did I mention I absolutely love the song.

What do you guys think???

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  1. Honestly, Im too scared to watch the video – It just looks so demonish and that it’ll be filled with loads and loads of subliminals, but hey, thats just me..


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