“I’d rather spend money on things I do, rather than things I have”

I was walking to the train station one day last week with my good friend Calise and she said something that got me thinking; it’s quite an interesting concept. She’s going on holiday this summer and she’s going to have to spend a lot to make sure the experience is nothing but fun. If anyone knows this girl, you’ll know she’s the epitome of fun; everything will have to be perfect. Hence her comment “I‘d rather spend money on things I do, rather than things I have.” I literally stopped her right there and told her she’d just given me a blog post.

Sidebar: I’m an ‘extra’ character at times. There was really no need to actually stop walking to proclaim that on the road but hey, I wanted to.

Now, I will make no attempt to disguise the fact I like nice things and when I’m rich (amen) I will probably splash out on totally irrelevant, over priced items, purely because I can. We are all quite materialistic I would say. Stop denying it now! If I offered you Del Boy and Rodney’s 3-wheeler from ‘Only Fools and Horses’ or a Lamborghini, all of you would pick the latter. We all would like nice things. Like every guy seems to want a Gucci belt and True Religions, like it’s their life mission statement (yes, I went there). Apart from the fact this combo is officially #dead, you’re going to wear it over and over and soon it will lose its value. This is where my view on my friends comment clicked. Everything we have will eventually lose value.

A holiday will last two weeks or maybe longer but not longer than a car. A spontaneous day with a friend or partner will be over by tomorrow. You get my drift (no Tokyo). Seriously though, I understand why my friend feels this way. This may not be her exact interpretation of it but here’s what I think. All these things you pay to do for a day or holidays you pay for, will give you a great feeling. You’ll have fun and when you go home you’ll be happy that this and that happened. You’ll go home and smile and realise you’ve created an eternal memory. You could have been at home looking your Gucci belt but eventually that will get lost, get boring or get stolen. Memories are forever, exactly why I’d rather spend money on things that I do. You’re creating a life long memory, a life experience that can never be taken from you.

I’d rather spend money on creating memories that will then be absolutely priceless. Calise, my love, you opened my eyes with your statement.

Of course when I’m filthy rich I’ll be able to afford both and replacements if any of my items get lost. :)

Live – Love – Life
Love Life


  1. cheez!! a blog inspired by me…im impressed my sweet (not only cos im mentioned)…n its tru but i hear dat last bit…cos dese times i do stil have nice things n in THE VERY NEAR FUTURE will also b able 2 afford both :)
    roll on the good times!!


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