I took Alvin Lau’s spoken word poem and transformed it into a blog post, attempting to match the intensity of his delivery

As part of my English Language coursework, we are exploring how one topic is handled in multiple literary formats. One of the tasks involved rewriting a piece of text or spoken word, for another literary purpose. I took the spoken word poem in the video below and transformed it into a blog post, attempting to match the intensity of Alvin’s delivery.

Tiger Woods, arguably the world’s best golfer and being of ethnic minority origin makes his achievements just that little bit more exceptional; representing for his people, even though he stressed he’s not purely black but of mixed origins. But Tiger Woods made a statement that would threaten to disengage him from the masses he is potentially a role model to. ‘I’m glad my parents were rich because they stressed education and family’.

Each time Tiger takes an eight stroke lead it feels like he’s doing it for every ethnic minority watching, giving hope to those living in the projects, the ghetto and the slums. He could have been a hero to minorities almost everywhere. We know that Tiger isn’t your typical ‘rags to riches’ story but that didn’t stop him from being perceived as a role model until we found he can’t actually run that fast. Why? Because he never needed to race, yet we call him Tiger. Now that’s not a bad thing. If you’re fortunate enough to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth, lucky you, utilise it. Not everyone is. Some children received endless beatings before they saw visions of college and a successful future. Some people got knocked down numerous times before they made it anywhere and for Tiger to say he’s happy his parents ‘stressed education’ is rather an insult, considering his profession consists of purely talent and no element of academic application.

The ‘American Dream’ is a prime example of the struggles of the ethnic minorities. The ‘American Dream’ is the belief that life should and will be better, richer and fuller. Someone like Tiger can’t relate to this – to him, it’s merely a myth. The ‘American Dream’ requires an empty pocket to catalyst a drive, combined with utmost hope that one can achieve. Tiger’s pocket has never been empty and the closest thing to hope he’s ever had to do is hope that his 15 mistresses never told of his flings. This leads me to think.

Is Mr. Woods really a role model, or just another privileged individual who happens to be successful? To be a role model, requires you to be able to relate. To be a role model, requires you to be humble. Most importantly, a role model would never make a comment that demeans the people who look up to him. Tiger is a golfer and his talents are indisputable but ultimately he’s privileged. A role model? He has failed that hurdle. Now I’m not saying it’s his duty to be a role model but surely he’s aware of his influential position. He’s living proof that they always want us to forget the meaning and importance of the ‘American Dream’.


  1. i really love this blog, i believe he is a privileged indivdual who unfortunatly refuses to accept he’s a black man, otherwise we would have stood by him. nevertheless looking forward to more blogs.
    ps sporting wise yes he should be a role model because weather your talented or not you still need to practise, but on the other hand he is human everyone makes mistakes.


  2. Its true what you say… Him being a role model and seeing all his fans look up to him and then he makes a comment like that.


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