A poem by Helen Success

Okay, this could be ‘Her Life’ part 2, so here it goes…

There’s an eternal problem burning inside her,
eating at her ability to be happy,
find who she is or even have someone find her.
Her problem won’t go away,
it’s made it clear that it’s in her life to stay.
A problem that causes her to be depressed
because this problem is only repressed by the rise of another;
less testing, offering her temporary relief from the stress.
If love could solve it, then that would be the way
but so far life has showed her a boy is never there to stay.
If money could solve it, she’d attain it but through what means,
she’s learnt life is the same shit.
If family could offer stability she’d be grounded
but when you know no family, you are your own stability.
But how can she offer herself stability
when she has no knowledge of what stability is.
So she looks to her future, a chance to become.
Become something she dreams about and of course problems?
She suppresses the past, the mistakes she can’t take back,
suppresses the problem and replaces them
with stresses that are in place to keep her on track,
until she finds that she can focus.
It hurts still and the problem persistently sits deep inside her
but living in the past, she learnt, simply has no future.

Girl Flying


  1. That quote ” living in the past, she learnt, simply has no future.” Is deep.
    Immense end, you got the mind for this. I’ll show you some of mine soonish. Keep it up x


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