Nicki isn’t quite there… yet

RihannaRihanna’s Last Girl on Earth tour has almost sold-out, with Ke$ha as her supporting act. Nicki Minaj was originally scheduled aswell but decided to opt-out to focus on her upcoming album. But showbiz will be showbiz, so there was bound to be another side to the story.

Rumours arose that Nicki, in actual fact (and I use the term fact very loosely) was kicked off of the tour. It could be true because touring with Rihanna would have been a big boost for Nicki Minaj and I’m sure if she’s THAT dedicated, it would be fine for her to tour without jeopardizing the release of her album in summer, originally scheduled for March. But once again showbiz will be showbiz and we will never know the real story.

Nicki MinajWhat caught my attention was the reaction to the third variation of the story. Young Money felt the ‘Harajuku Barbie’ was too big an artist to open up for the Rated R star. This is understandable, I can see their point. I refused, profusely, to listen to the imbecile that had girls global calling themselves plastic toys and changing their screen names to names they don’t even know the meaning of. A friend of mine, who I was shocked to hear listens to Minaj, convinced me to download the Sucka Free mixtape. I thought if my friend liked her then it was worth a listen and I must say, I am now a fan of Nicki. Not a fanatic, just a fan. I can appreciate that she has her own style, if a little distorted and misguided but that’s what makes up Nicki Minaj. She really is big right now,  maybe too big to open for Rihanna. Fanatics didn’t understand exactly what Young Money meant here though and took this side of the story at pure face value. Some of the comments I saw at the end of an article on this were ridiculous. Many seem to believe Nicki is bigger than Rihanna, full stop. Interesting; let’s briefly compare resumés.

Rihanna Nicki Minaj
Single(s) 17 3
Album(s) 4 (Platinum) 1
Feature(s) 10 8
Mixtape(s) 0 4
UK Top Ten(s) 10 0
US Top Ten(s) 12 1
Video(s) 20 15

Note: Nicki’s album and two of her singles were collaborative.

The figures pretty much speak for themselves. To claim someone who does not even have a solo album out yet is bigger than an artist who has multiple platinum albums. Need I say more? I mean fair enough Nicki’s career essentially started before Rihanna’s but did you ever hear of a mixtape going platinum?

If you’re big, you’re internationally known. When I ask who Rihanna is, people know, even though they may not like her music. When I ask who Nicki Minaj is, some people still say ‘huh, who?’ Now that could be interpreted as ‘where the hell have you been?’ or if Nicki was that big, everyone would know about her even if they aren’t fans. There is a big difference between a shark dominating the waters and someone who merely makes a big splash.


  1. This seems as if it came from a real magazine, you were born to be a journalist!
    Right back to the entry, although I not the biggest fan of Rihanna I actually think its degrading for her to be compared to Nicki Minaj! These rumours must have been set off just for abit of publicity for Nicki Minaj, isn’t that what usually happens? I did not know Nicki Minaj existed until you my friend put her tracks on my ipod. I knew Rihanna from her first single which was ‘Pon de replay’ I think, and it must’ve been a big hit, well as I recall it being so!
    Keep the celebrity gossip, rumours whatever posts coming through, you make them interesting ;)


  2. yes rihanna clearly is more successful than nicki HOWEVEEEER rihanna has been big way before nicki which is a very valid point to consider. n that line about a shark dominating the waters and someone merely making a big splash..i love it ur way with words is magical..keep it up. tagged facebook status defo!


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