How will I ever know if I can fly, if I don’t take that leap?

So, anyone who knows me well enough knows that I am the absolute epitome of procrastination. The pressure on the morning I have an exam for which I haven’t at all revised, despite being aware of it for months, is the drive that finally makes me get up and do what I need to. I AM But it works for me…the majority of the time.

At the age of four, up until the age of eleven, I had a completely misinformed and bizarre career plan to be a part-time hairdresser and a part-time accountant. Where this came from? I was infatuated with brushing the blonde hair on my Barbie bust and I liked the idea of working in an institution with ‘loads of moneys.’ Shame! I retired from the hair industry at the tender age of 16. I was sick of hearing ‘but Helen, I’m your friend, can’t you do it for free?’ ‘NO!’ Time is money – you either give me my money or leave me with my time.

After early mathematics entry and a statistics GCSE, I passed and vowed I never wanted to be in another lesson that involved extensive use of numbers again. English has always been my strength, so I’m planning to do a journalism degree and not to pursue any of the career paths that a typical Nigerian parent would want their child to. I am NOT planning to be a doctor, lawyer or engineer!

In this particular case though, my procrastination was driven by forces of completely no relation to laziness. I have wanted to start a blog for a while but wondered; what if people don’t read it? What if people do read it but don’t like my content? I’ve thought this amongst a crazy number of other ‘what ifs?’ I decided to just start it. If we were to think about the ‘what ifs?’ all the time, nobody would ever do anything. So here is my road to journalism success because how will I ever know I if I can fly, if I don’t take that leap?


  1. Great stuff babylove..
    Its seems like we float on the same boat..
    Nothing is ever for free.. Apart from my love but hey..

    I wanted to be a weather girl because it looks easy and I thought it would be lots of money coming in..

    Nigerian parents have a high expectation from everyone that is nigerian..
    Even kids that aren’t theirs.



  2. OMG I absolutely love this!!!! Not just saying that because I’m your friend, this is actually some very good stuff.
    The first ever Minds-i post is a hit!
    It’s comical, informative, personal and inspirational!!! Keep it up babydoll!


  3. very impressed my darling wife!
    like i said u have a true talent and u shud of made this known 2 the world alot sooner! but hey..better late then never.
    love the way i can read it and tel its from u..shows ur unique..and uniqueness gets u far.
    im looking forward to the reading the rest of ur blog entries as i know u have some gd ones in the bag..
    now stop with this writing nonsense n cum home n cook me sum dinner woman!


  4. Hey helen, imagine I climbed in bed tired n read it n was pissed when it ended, loool @ paulo I neva lknew she had it like that either! For real though it was really good helen can’t wait for the rest man! Keep at it you really do have a talent … Madness how I only thought you were only good at cussing people n moving like a crazy woman! Lol love u baby x


  5. Wow, you truly are talented, its great to know you have found something that, you are not only passionate about, but have a real gift for it. Well done and hope you continue to explore new innovative and creative blogs that can be added, and remember THE MIND IS LIKE A PARACHUTE, IT ONLY WORKS ONCE ITS OPEN-jganda 2010
    So continue to open ur mind and alow yourself to build on your creativity


  6. Well Well Well..

    What can i say?
    The is unique, thoughtful nd very personal!

    You’ll go far in life helen.. Keep it up!

    Stop procrastinating put ur head down nd reach for the stars! Thats where you belong ;)


  7. I remember you wanting to be a hairdresser!! Ahh good memories!

    I’m absolutely loving this blog Helen, you’re a great writer! Hope you’re alright and good luck for your exams and university in case I don’t see you. I’m not sure if I’ve got your current number but I’ll text the one I’ve got anyway. Do you have facebook? xxxxxx


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