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Polarising Opinions In A Time When Nuance Is Overlooked

Will you question to gain understanding or intentionally misunderstand to justify bias? I have a lot of respect for people who make polarising statements. I may not always agree with […]

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Black Supremacy: Could The Dystopia Presented in “Noughts & Crosses” Ever Be Reality?

If Ever Black Supremacy Were To Occur, Here’s Why I Think It Would NEver Look Like or Compare to The Atrocities of White Supremacy This is something I’ve pondered many […]

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Black Excellence Even With The Challenges That Face Black Existence

The Beginning: Sharing My Experience of Black Existence Black Lives Matter is delicate and very complex. We’ve seen action that will help incite change but there is also harmful rhetoric […]

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Dad… I Will Always Forgive You

I doubt that you ever will but I hope somehow you find and read this… Written: 17 May, 3:12AM

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Everything Happens… Reason Is Attached

Do you take control in adverse situations or rest on a recycled reasoning of luck?

Photo by Artur Aldyrkhanov on Unsplash
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I Wish You Success in 2020…

I Wish You Success in 2020…

Progress With Intent

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Where Are You On The ‘Spectrum’ Of Loyalty And Autonomy?

How has your upbringing Affected Your Expectations of People?